Bling Crystal Box Monthly Subscription

Bling Crystal Box Monthly Subscription

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Welcome to your new fun subscription box to create a gemstone stretch bracelet.  I wanted to offer a creative way for you to enjoy your sacred adornment.  This is a monthly recurring subscription box, that will include everything you need to create a stretch bracelet with gemstone beads that I have hand selected for you.  Each month you will receive a box that will have a theme that will correspond with the seasons, holidays, or an intention.  Every month will be different and a SURPRISE!  I have planned this subscription box out well, and have exciting beads (some rare), charms, and occasionally extra fun spacers along with the stretchy cord you will need.   The fun part is, once you get your box, you can design how your bracelet will look.  I would love to see everyone's bracelet once complete, so please post pictures on social media with #blingcrystalbox by @zenwithgems so we can all see your fun creation.

THE DETAILS:   I will be sending beads that are authentic gemstones.  You won't be getting any plastic or glass beads from me.  Also, every month I plan to have a nice mix of beads in your box to make a stretch bracelet for wrists up to 7 inches.  Don't worry if you have a larger wrist.  I created an option for you to select a larger size for wrists between 7 - 8 inches.  Most months you can plan on beads being approximately 8mm, which seems to be the size most people like in their bracelets.  Now, I like to believe these bracelets can be unisex.  But, just to be clear, all colors of the rainbow can be included. 

HOW DO I MAKE MY BRACELET:  This is the fun part...  you decide if your making the bracelet for you or as a gift.  Even kids could make them with some adult supervision.  Once you know who the bracelet is for then you should measure the wrist and see if you think you will need all the beads I included.  Then, you plan out the design you like with them.  Next, string them on the stretchy cord and before tying the knot, wrap it around your wrist to see if you like the pattern and you need all the beads.  Then tie a knot really tight, and then another knot again super tight.  Now what I like to do, which is totally optional, you can add a drop of superglue on the knot.  Sometimes you can slide the knot inside the middle of a bead after you have cut the ends off to hide it.  I always leave just a little room on the endsof the stretchy cord.  You don't want to cut it too close to the knot.  AND NOW,  YOU'RE ready to wear your bracelet. (OPTIONAL) While putting each bead on the stretchy cord, you can set an intention for your bracelet. So say a little prayer or mantra while you string each bead on.  That way, when you wear it, you will be reminded of the intention you set.

SHIPPING SCHEDULE:  The cut off date for signing up to receive the next box is always on the 27th of the month.  If you sign up on or before the 27th of the month you will receive your 1st box the next month.  Boxes will be in the mail by the 12th of every month. The box theme will actually correspond with the month after you should receive it.  That will give you time to make your bracelet and enjoy wearing it the full month it was intended for. 

Here is an EXAMPLE: Sign up date 8/20/19, Your 1st box will ship by 9/12/19 and the theme will correspond with October.

Another Example:  Sign up date 8/28/19, your 1st box will ship by 10/12/19 and the theme will correspond with November.

CURRENTLY the box in only available in the domestic USA.

You will be charged every month on the 15th of the month.  You can cancel anytime, and all boxes you have paid for will still be mailed out.  There are no refunds.  Also, if your bracelet breaks, let me know and I will send an additional  stretchy cord in your next box.

Thank you for your support, I appreciate each one of you!  ~ Melodie